yoUnlimited 30 day Writing Challenge

The challenge has begun!

Update: August 15, 2016
Our 30 day challenge has begun!
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Need a reason to write? Join the challenge! YoUnlimited’s 30-Day Writing Challenge will give you the motivation you need, with one new prompt delivered to you each day from Women and Words facilitator Danielle Pope.

Battle writer’s block, start a journal practice, add flare to your copy, or experiment with a new creative outlet. This challenge will encourage you to stretch your limits with prompts designed to guide you through a meditative practice of self expression.

How does it work? Prompts will be delivered to you daily by email, and posted on the group Facebook Page. You then choose to take your prose in the direction and pace that feels right for you. Share your work daily on the group Facebook page with others in the challenge, or keep your entries private and close to your heart — the choice is yours. As a participant, you’ll receive exclusive access to the group page as well as support from moderator Danielle Pope.

Make your pen mighty, with the community around you. Challenge yourself to a writing process to discover the unlimited creativity in you.