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“Dreams come in a size too big so that we can grow into them”

plant in handsThis is the first summer that my “hubs” and I are growing goodies… kale, chard, lots of herbs and tomatoes. We were feeling the urge to green up our patio with some tasty treats and since he is a chef… the homegrown is incorporated into delicious meals. Lucky me!

My friend Carolyne told me to procure cages for the tomato plants for when they grow and get bigger. This was super hard to imagine with the little plants that came into our lives in early summer. However, I listened and bought the necessary cages, which dwarfed the tomato plants.

Fast forward 2 months and the plants are busting out over the top of the cages and are blossoming with speed and grace. They are becoming like a hedge on our patio! It’s been really cool to see this transformation.

So, where the heck is the wisdom? Well…

I watched the plants grow into more than they were. It was as if the tomato cages were “holding space” for the little plants to grow into themselves. Essentially, they were egging them on to grow into more of who they could become.

The cages offer:

  • Structure with lots of room for growth
  • A place to lean up against when things started to go sideways
  • Support when things got heavy and it was too much to hold

And I see how tomato cage wisdom supports the structure of my life and what I need to flourish:

  • Containment yet room for shifting/growth
  • A vision or plan for what’s next and which direction to go
  • Teamwork – not doing it alone and having support

As a coach, I am like a tomato cage! I support my clients in getting clear on where they want to go and provide encouragement to venture into the unknown. You are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole – let’s team up to help you grow into your possibilities.

Contact me at Page@PageRossiter.com to set up a strategy session.

“Dreams come in a size too big so that we can grow into them”