Jodi Mellott – Taking a Communal Approach

Jodi Mellott would like to open a wellness centre in Victoria where healers, meditation teachers, yoga teachers and people who have small home based healing type businesses can come together to offer services to the community. Her recent ‘free community … Read More

Aimee Burton – Finding ‘freedom’ in others

Aimee Burton asks us to ask ourselves this question, “What is it to be free?”. With an insatiable desire for learning, growth and contribution, her reality includes working as the Event Coordinator at Nourish Café in Victoria, owning her own … Read More

Pitch Your Passion – October 2014

On October 2014, four women pitched their ideas, and the whole audience had the chance to vote, sending Kyla Plaxton home with $500 towards advancing her passion of putting her current book into an e-book format to reach more girls. … Read More

Heather Hamilton – Canine Collection

WINNER – January 2014 Pitch Your Passion  Heather A. Hamilton is a local jewelry artist and a dog lover. She creates works of art in her handcrafted jewelry, and has been successful all over Vancouver Island.  Living her passion to the fullest, … Read More

Heather Loewen – Creating a Cooperative

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014 Heather Loewen is an “activist for positive change and active living” and believes in ‘creating’ and ‘making’, and in supporting those who do just that. She is passionate about helping others dare to dream and … Read More

Thirza Voysey – Chocolate For Your Soul

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Did we have you at ‘chocolate’? Thirza Voysey is passionate about purity and her raw chocolate product is proof of a vision that matches that passion. Creating … Read More

Jannine Murray – The Radiant Self Project

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014 For Jannine Murray, it’s been quite a journey! While she is now able to stand in her sacred skin and honour her energy and divine self, it wasn’t always so. She has put years … Read More

Kyla Plaxton – Finding Power in Your Period

WINNER – October 2014 Pitch Your Passion In her book, Little Women’s Gide to Personal Power, Kyla Plaxton provides a 12 chapter, step by step guide to empower young women, to look within themselves and to discover their own unique little inner … Read More