Spring Forth Into Spring

“In springtime, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion or kisses whizzing by your head.” -Emma Racine Defleur

Welcome Spring!!

It’s so nice that you arrived.
I welcome you with open arms and gratitude and a sigh of relief.

Spring marks the beginning of new, fresh, clean time that leaves behind the dark days of winter. It’s a time to embrace the length of sun lit days. It’s time to be in awe as plants and flowers are blooming while they emerge from their winter slumber.

For me, this time feels magical and full of potential… Like now is time to wake up my inner sleeping goddess so she can reap all that has been dormant and slow over the winter months. Transition is happening around us and we can tap into that cyclical energy to make shifts in our own lives – inner and outer!

This time of year invokes Spring Cleaning where we can physically and mentally let go of all that does not serve us – from household items, to clothes and even thoughts that keep us stuck.

Robin Williams said, “Spring is natures way of saying let’s party”.

I agree.
Let’s party.

  • Is there a slumbering part of you that wants to come alive and embrace life?
  • What area of your life is ready for some party energy?
  • Where are you yearning to spring forth and take action?
  • What negative thoughts and beliefs can you let go of and replace with shiny new thoughts?

Let me know what is awakening inside of you!

I work with women who say “yes” to themselves and their lives. I would love to hear from you and support your springing into Spring. You can e-mail me at Page@PageRossiter.com or CLICK HERE to book a complimentary strategy session with me! Let’s take some forward action together (:

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With big hugs,