Sheila Webster – Living Her Genius

SheilaSheila is passionate about exploring and inspiring others.  As an outdoor seeker, she craves discovery through nature and feeds this need with nature.  She admits that she has a crush on trees and loves to explore ideas and possibilities, believing that dreams are discovered in personal one on one experiences.

Sheila is a divine change maker and strives to inspire others to open themselves up to possibility, to respect their inner widsom and their inate intuition.  “We already know what we are intended to do”, but sometimes we need a person to walk alongside us, someone who is truly present, listens with compassoin, and acknowledges and facilitiates action.

This is Sheila’s gift and life purpose; to support women who seemingly have it all but who are inwardly struggling or quietly suffering, those who truly want to go from simply living to outright thriving.

Sheila is a teacher and also a student and finds herself currently in a place of rapid momentous growth.  Having recently completed a ‘Discover Your Genius’ workshop where she clarified her passion and her gifts, she has made a commitment to her own genious which includes teaching others the art of conscious living; learning to pay attention to our bodies’ language, to live in an authentic soulful way that is filled with integrity and gratitude.

Sheila’s dedication to her ongoing learning requires a financial commitment so that she can participate in the “Leverage/Live Your Genius” program.

You can support Sheila in her efforts to support others by helping her learn even more. .

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Linda Hunter has spent the last 35 joy filled years as an independent writer and professional event planner, dedicated to service. For the past 20 years, she has felt blessed to be participating in a multi generational home, raising family and living in beautiful BC. Involved in a wealth of exciting and fulfilling projects she remains convinced that life is about growing authentic relationships, supporting passion and each other, and celebrating change and growth, however that shows up. She lives by the motto : We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give" coined by Winston Churchill.
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