soul session

The Soul Sessions is an evening of connection, learning and community at Nourish. This intimate event features 3  inspirational women speakers talking about what body, mind and spirit means to them. Take some time to slow down, learn something new, have a conversation, and build connections in a meaningful way. In the words of Oriah Mountain Dreamer in the Invitation “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living.  I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.”

Next Soul Session is September 20th at 7:00pm

Choose from two options – with dinner and reserved seating, or general seating.

September 20th Speakers

Simone Conners: If’s And’s and But’s

Simone will challenge you to look at your mindset, specifically when it comes to the “if’s”, “and’s” and “but’s” that can fill your head with negative energy in times of trouble or stress. By making this small change to your mindset, you can impact the way you think and feel while going through hard times in a positive way.

Simone Conner is the mother of a son living with a life-threatening medical illness. Changing her mindset has allowed her to thrive in a situation when many parents let illness define them and their family. She is also the Vancouver Island Coordinator of Make-A-Wish BC & Yukon, and when not working is always finding new ways to grow and give.

Sherrice Kirby: Excavating the True Self

Sherrice will explore what happens when we excavate our being-ness down to the core of who we really are? We reconnect with our essence, truth and source. What happens when we take whole beings connected to essence and invite them into a space of freedom, truth & authentic expression? We create the alchemy that will repair the heart of who we really all are.

Sherrice Kirby is a Victoria based Business & Lifestyle Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Reiki Master, Yogi, fabulous wife & mother – dedicated to connecting creators with soulful strategies for their businesses & lives. Creator of Manifesto & Mapping, greatlife design mastermind & Greatlife Retreat. Part business maven part spiritual leader. Sherrice is a nature loving, dog walking, horseback riding, fresh food eating goddess of the great life.

Julie McCracken: The Woven Path to Sobriety

Have you even wondered what would happen if you gave up alcohol? What would fill that space and time? What in your life would be better? Or different? Wondered who you are without the booze? After another night of wine bingeing and the wasted hangover day that followed, Julie decided to find out. Motivated by her desire to live a healthier life, her love for her husband, her need to be a role model to her children and break her history of alcohol dependence, she now lives day by day and lives stronger. More authentic. More fulfilled. Join us to discuss what fills the void when you walk the sober path.

Born and raised in Victoria, Julie McCracken is a fibre artist and beauty maker / seeker. Her love for colour, texture and yarn reached a whole new level when she took a weaving workshop in the spring of 2016. Inspired by her tribe and newfound sobriety, Julie launched a business and created a website to sell her work both online and at local boutiques. One of her weavings was featured in the July/August issue of YAM Magazine. Julie continues in her day job as a Property Manager in the family business. She has been married for fourteen years and has two boys, ages 11 and 8.

Previous Speakers

Monica Summers: Coming Home

In this Soul Session talk, Monica is inspired to share her unexpected challenging journey back home to Victoria, after her family leaving for California when she was 5.  From a deep sense of “I need to live here” for over 10 years, to the surprising feelings of intense anxiety preparing to make the move – finding that within taking a big leap (in small steps) out of one’s comfort zone is amazing inner strength – and following your innermost dreams have rewards beyond your imagination.

About Monica: Monica Summers is a business and personal consultant & coach, focusing on developing inspirational personal workshops, writing & videos. Through her own experience of becoming self-employed at age 24 (motivation being “I didn’t want to work on Monday’s!”) and following her inspiration for “building her work around her life”, she is continually creating a lifestyle based in connecting with others, contributing to community and forever listening and learning. While spending quality time with her “Little Sister” of Big Brothers Big Sisters program is a highlight of her life, you will find Monica (on land or kayak) with her trusty binoculars, eyes peeled on the ocean or forests…with innate luck of spotting, and even attracting wildlife (a whale and dolphins joining her on the water).

Lorna Ketler: One of a Kind

“How do you celebrate you? We all know the fashion “rules” by heart. What to wear, what not to wear. Horizontal stripes! Are you kidding me? I say, Go For It! Find what you love, what makes you joyful, what Lights You Up! Break the rules of fashion and play with the idea of what makes you truly feel beautiful.

About Lorna: Lorna Ketler is the owner and lead Bodacious/Body Love Enthusiast at Bodacious Lifestyles Inc. In her 17th year of business, Lorna & Bodacious are all about providing You with options to help you discover or enhance your own personal style. On her 33rd birthday, Lorna got her belly button pierced and bought a bikini as a declaration of love for her body in that very moment. No more waiting until that one day when she would be the “perfect” size. That bold statement to herself led to a desire to find fashion choices that supported this new claim to her own beauty. Those options didn’t exist at the time, so she took the next step of creating the space she was looking for. Bodacious – Clothing to Celebrate Your Curves was born.”

Nina Hirlaender: Cancer Saved my Life

In this Soul Sessions talk, Nina explores how fear of loss can become a catalyst to a renewed appreciation of what it means to be alive. Inspired by a personal health crisis, Nina reminisces on cancer as the teacher that taught her the true meaning of courage, purpose and compassion.

About Nina: Nina Hirlaender is the Founder of Dancing Spirit Tours, an organization that creates spiritual journeys and guides pilgrims to sacred places around the world. Nina inherited the Celtic Shamanic lineage and is working on a masters degree in theology and Christian mysticism. She is passionate about fostering cross-cultural understanding through embodied spirituality. Nina’s work demonstrates that when we immerse ourselves in unfamiliar communities, we learn to appreciate that all humans are more the same than we are different.