Lisa Baylis – Being ‘present’ in the School System
May 2016 Pitch Your Passion Winner

For Lisa Baylis, it’s all in a day’s work. As a high school counsellor, she sees first hand, students struggling with fatigue, stress, and disconnection on a daily basis. In turn, teachers are tired, over-worked and often feeling weary and under supported. Lisa’s vision is to bring positive psychology including mindfullness, and a sense of... Read More
Kate Broste is passionate about educating and empowering women to take control of their finances, and in turn, their lives. Her five years of experience as an alternative investment advisor has shown her that within the general public and especially women, there is a massive knowledge gap in this area. [Read More]
Daria Bunting “I believe we all have a story. The homeless have a story to tell. Furniture has a story too.” In her early 20s Daria Bunting found herself at rock bottom, facing homelessness. Fortunately she had the support and love of friends and family, and she was able to make the change she needed to renew her journey. But her eyes, and heart, remained open to the plight of the homeless. [ Read More ]
Aimee Burton asks us to ask ourselves this question, “What is it to be free?”. With an insatiable desire for learning, growth and contribution, her reality includes working as the Event Coordinator at Nourish Café in Victoria, owning her own business with a regenerative nutrition company,..... Read More
Heather Hamilton - Canine Collection
January 2014 Pitch Your Passion Winner

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In Shauna Janz' own experience with grief in her life, she discovered that what she needed was an ability to connect in community with others, and means to actively process her grief. Shauna Janz came to understand through her lived experience that grief is universal. She also observed an unsettling paradox: although everyone will experience some kind of loss in his or her lifetime, there is a profound scarcity of educational and wellness resources available to help people process their grief. [ Read More ]
Cathy Key is passionate about Yoga and about keeping others motivated in their practice of yoga. With a Phd and a background in ‘games’ along with 13 years of dedicated personal practice, she understands that sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get to the studio . Cathy recognizes that for many, this peaceful and graceful practice can feel more like a sweaty and uncomfortable experience; more like work than a form of serenity. [Read More]
Heather Loewen - Creating a Cooperative
Heather Loewen is an “activist for positive change and active living” and believes in ‘creating’ and ‘making’, and in supporting those who do just that. She is passionate about helping others dare to dream and explore and to venture to be themselves. After writing 101 Reasons To Be Yourself , a book that explores suggestions...Read More
Jacqueline McAdam is passionate about social justice. Her business Hakuna Matata Imports and Art Prints for Africa (HMI-APA) grew our of a personal journey that included living and working in Africa, which led her socially based business to have a specific focus on Africa; one that supports small business development locally and globally along with well-being of children and youth. [Read More]
Jannine Murray – The Radiant Self Project
For Jannine Murray, it’s been quite a journey! While she is now able to stand in her sacred skin and honour her energy and divine self, it wasn’t always so. She has put years of self hatred, a negative self image, and addictions behind her to create a program for women designed to provide “a loving approach to transforming your body”. Read More
When she was just 8-years old, Julia Norman heard a story that moved her so profoundly she discovered her life’s purpose. Leaders in Julia’s church shared their experiences working with women and children in Guatemala who had suffered immensely following genocide amongst their people. At that pivotal moment, Julia decided she wanted to find a way to inspire other young people to take action against social injustice around the world. [Read More]
Kyla Plaxton - Finding Power in Your Period
October 2014 Pitch Your Passion Winner

In her book, Little Women’s Gide to Personal Power, Kyla Plaxton provides a 12 chapter, step by step guide to empower young women, to look within themselves and to discover their own unique little inner voice, and create a life they love. Her dream is to speak to girls and educate them about loving their bodies, loving themselves, Read More
Charlane Simpson will never forget the image of her 1952 Singer Featherweight sewing machine – laying on its side in the snow, slightly charred and still smoking. She was a teenager, and she had recently acquired this sewing machine as her very own. When her family home had caught fire, in the midst of her harried escape, she tossed her most cherished possession out the window and into the snow bank below. [Read More]
Andrea Soos is passionate about art education. She strives to bring playfulness to art making, to encourage students to reach beyond their perceived limitations, shed their self-judgment and connect with their creative wonder. Through her many years of teaching, the idea that still resonates the loudest with Andrea is “that women need to reconnect to with their creative sources.” She believes we need to return to place of playfulness. [Read More]
Thirza Voysey – Chocolate For Your Soul
Did we have you at ‘chocolate’? Thirza Voysey is passionate about purity and her raw chocolate product is proof of a vision that matches that passion. Creating a company and a product with love and integrity is what moves Thirza forward in a dream to someday meet the people in Ecuador, who grow the cacao that ultimately ends up in her raw chocolate product. A certified healer and yoga teacher, Read More
Sheila Webster is passionate about exploring and inspiring others. As an outdoor seeker, she craves discovery through nature and feeds this need with nature. She admits that she has a crush on trees and loves to explore ideas and possibilities, believing that dreams are discovered in personal one on one experiences. [Read More]