Make a Connection

Updated:  March 31, 2020

This page has been created to be a community bulletin board – if you are seeking something or someone, or have something to offer, items will be posted on your behalf. I got this idea from Sarah von Brevran’s blog Yes and Yes – if you haven’t read her stuff before, she has lots of great blog posts and ideas to share!  To submit your item, please complete this form.


  • Resolved!  iPad or iPad mini so that I can set my mom up for virtual conversations while we are self-isolating. Contact Carolyne (03.22.20) 
  • Looking for both a space and other yoga instructors to create a teacher co-op studio.  It would be a shared space where we invefst money in rent collectively, offering different yoga styles to different niches.  Let’s talk about possibilities.  Contact Jill.  (03.23.20)


  • I have a library (well four shelves) of books, ranging from business to self-help to yoga textbooks – here’s the list and I’m offering these on loan (will place in my mailbox for pickup) Contact Carolyne (03.22.20)


We’ve also created a page to share local businesses that are staying open at this time, Visit this Page.