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Updated:  March 31, 2020

Please support these local businesses during this unprecedented time – they need your business now more than ever!

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I'm a 3D printer. I use quality eco-friendly filament. I make unique and personalized gifts. I've made ornaments, gift tags, hashtags, guitar pics, luggage tags, figurines, business, signs, flowers, cake toppers, and business cards holders. I invented a nail polish holder, the Poli*Shoe. Holds your nail polish safely and securely while you paint. I believe in giving back, 1print=1 tree planted. Facebook Page
For those who are needing some extra support, Lindsay Rose is offering Long Distance Reiki Sessions to help in the way you need it most. Visit Lindsay's website and fill out the contact form.Visit Lindsay's website and fill out the contact form.
I am an executive coach working on Vancouver Island, BC. Coaching conversations are all about you. Your goals, your dreams, your future. Executive coaching unearths your innate wisdom and propels you into action to meet and surpass the goals you set. See real results from your own efforts, building self-accountability, and transform your everyday to greet your future. Visit Stephanie's website.
I’ve been bringing out the best in people in photos since 2004. As photographer, image maker, content creator, visual artist, wife and mom, animal and nature advocate and promoter of making a difference in the world, I believe photography tells inspiring stories and speaks for us when we can’t be there in person. Let's create compelling and timeless images that communicate your unique message. Visit Linda's Website
We are 3 Generations of family offering a low cost, mobile green approach to cremation & burial services. Providing all types of cremation & burial services in Greater Victoria. Today we are in discussions with the BC Government to allow for a third disposition to British Columbians, Aquamation. **We are also offering online arrangements to assist with social distancing due to COVID 19** Visit Earth's Option website.
I'm an Executive Coach and Empowerment Strategist that works with women to help them play bigger in their lives. I love helping people to get unstuck! I can help entrepreneurs assess, evolve, and create the future and the business that they want, as well as with people feeling the need to reassess, reset and recreate themselves! Visit Teri's website.

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