Lisa Baylis – Being ‘present’ in the School System

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Written by Linda Hunter
Photos | Jo-Ann Way

For Lisa Baylis, it’s all in a day’s work. As a high school counsellor, she sees first hand, students struggling with fatigue, stress, and disconnection on a daily basis. In turn, teachers are tired, over-worked and often feeling weary and under supported. Lisa’s vision is to bring positive psychology including mindfullness, and a sense of connection into the schools by providing educators with the tools they need to create a positive, mindful, and happy learning environment. Lisa believes it is possible to stem the tide of anxiety and depression in young adults by teaching compassion and kindness, mindfullness and authenticity to teachers. Lisa has created workshops in self-awareness and happiness to encourage and support educators, allowing them in turn, to bring that back to their students. Habits of Happiness and Sustaining Happiness are two of the programs she has created, because “when our teachers are mindful, emotionally intelligent and happy, a ripple effect of positive learning will occur for our students”.

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