When Life Gives you Lemons (or you buy them) – Make Lemonade


We love lemons, lemonade, lemoncello on a patio in Italy, mom’s lemon pudding … oh the list goes on!

Today’s recipe comes from a member of our yoUnlimited community, Susan Pearse, founder of The Green Diet.

Lemons are citric acid but in our body, they become a potent alkalinizer for good health. They are also a low glycemic index fruit and a mild, natural diuretic.

If you roll a lemon on the counter, with fairly firm pressure down on it, as you roll it will yield more juice? Try it!


1 cup of juice from fresh organic lemons
1/4 cup white sugar
4 cups water

Boil 1 cup of water with sugar until the sugar dissolves – cool.

Mix sugar water with remaining water and lemon juice and store in a glass juice container.

Pour over ice and enjoy.

* Note, you could substitute agave for the sugar if you like.