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KateKate is passionate about educating and empowering women to take control of their finances, and in turn, their lives.  Her five years of experience as an alternative investment advisor has shown her that within the general public and especially women, there is a massive knowledge gap in this area.

And while she recognizes that that the best things in life are free, she also knows that poor financial health can rob you of these very things and that a lack of education and the stress around the lack of money  can be debilitating, resulting in negative health and ultimately impacting your most important relationships.

Kate believes that was she not working in her current profession, she too, would know very little about the world of finance.   She believes that our current educational model is not teaching enough about money and that generations, from our youth to some of Kate’s oldest clients, many have no real understanding of their own financial picture.

The solution for Kate is to provide an opportunity to learn about the financial world she is so comfortable living in; to create a simple, easy to understand and non threatening website that will teach women of all ages about money, wealth, and investments.  Her vision is to provide this supportive, non-intimidating, and fun environment for like minded women so that they can learn and be supported, educated and empowered.

You can support Kate in her efforts to support others by helping her launch her wealthy website.

Find our more and be in touch with Kate | 250.588.9793 | kate@aimsinvesting.ca


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Linda Hunter Linda Hunter has spent more than 35 joy filled years as an independent writer, published author, and professional event planner. Dedicated to service and open to possibility, she aspires to walk a path of grace.

Linda can be found blogging at Living with Grace, where she speaks about her philosophy on life and love. Her newest blog, entitled “LOVING LARGE, living small” will launch in 2018 and will introduce readers to her latest adventure, communal living; creating a future shared life with her husband and grown children in Shirley, BC.

Linda’s passion for life also includes volunteering in Palliative Care at Saanich Peninsula Hospital and as an active member of the Victoria Holistic Death Care Community. You can find out more about her work around end of life and honouring our life’s journey at Dying with Grace.

“We’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

Linda Hunter linda.hunter@shaw.ca | www.livingwithgrace.ca | www.dyingwithgrace.ca