Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014

PYP Oct 2014-8988For Jannine Murray, it’s been quite a journey! While she is now able to stand in her sacred skin and honour her energy and divine self, it wasn’t always so. She has put years of self hatred, a negative self image, and addictions behind her to create a program for women designed to provide “a loving approach to transforming your body”. Moving out of the darkness and into the light, Jannine spent time alone, with a spirit that never left her side, while she journalled her every move, her every feeling, and her every bite, on a road to discovery. Clarity allowed Jannine to create a life by “design’ rather than by “default”, and she is moved to show others a path to create a “more radiant self”. Her belief is “that if we can embody love, we as women can start to focus on the real reason we are here: to express the divine nature of our soul and our unique talents, passions and gifts, that he universe wants us to express itself through us”. Jannine’s eight week program is designed to help women live in a way that is mindful and connected to their true self. The program works for any woman, with any body; a transformative journey that aims to provide a comprehensive well rounded holistic approach to total well being. You can read more and connect with Jannine at http://radiantselfproject.com and be in touch at jannine.aura@gmail.com

yoUnlimited's Pitch Your Passion is an opportunity gather, for five individuals to share their passion and go home with $500 in cash to support their idea. It is a unique 'in the moment' giving opportunity. The only judging criteria being the heart-centered support of someone's passion.

Linda Hunter is an independent, professional writer and event planner who is dedicated to service, open to possibility, and who aspires to walk a path of grace. She is passionate about communal living, nurturing relationships, and doing death better. Linda is the co visionary behind Deathly Matters – A Community in Conversation; and the blogger behind LOVING LARGE Living Small. You can connect with Linda through Dying with Grace.

“we’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass.

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