Heather Loewen – Creating a Cooperative

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014

PYP Oct 2014-9021Heather Loewen is an “activist for positive change and active living” and believes in ‘creating’ and ‘making’, and in supporting those who do just that. She is passionate about helping others dare to dream and explore and to venture to be themselves. After writing 101 Reasons To Be Yourself , a book that explores suggestions for living more creatively, along with wisdom and tips for expanding joy and beauty, Heather found herself back in a job and workplace that lacked self expression, creativity, and purpose. Her personal search and ultimate find was that we all need a creative outlet for self expression, and with new found clarity to help her light her way, she came up with an idea to move forward around creativity and the many local creators and makers we have in our community. Heather believes that the new industrial revolution is about ‘makers’ and her idea is to build a collective around the ‘maker movement’ , to develop a Victoria “maker co-operative” . This joining of efforts would bring makers together and create new opportunities around a belief that a ‘made in Victoria’ collective could provide shared spaces and shared costs for a group of members, where the whole might represent so much more than the sum of all the parts. Her vision is a bold one, with future goals for an e-commerce site, storefront showcase and bricks and mortar stores. Read the story at http://www.madeinvictoriaco-op.com/ and find her on facebook at www.facebook.com/madeinVictoria

yoUnlimited's Pitch Your Passion is an opportunity gather, for five individuals to share their passion and go home with $500 in cash to support their idea. It is a unique 'in the moment' giving opportunity. The only judging criteria being the heart-centered support of someone's passion.

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