It comes to us all; the end. And while we may not be able to control the when and how, what we do have agency over is our legacy; the memories we want shared, the lessons we want learned, the stories we want told. Today’s session shares inspiration from those who have designed their legacy around what matters most and what lasts – the lessons and the love.

Learn what it is to create a Legacy Love Letter, to design your own Farewell, and to learn how to tell your life’s story your way; writing your own Eulogy. This is not about the hard work of dying, this is about the heart work, about what lives on long after we have lived.
*You are invited to participate in three reflection/writing activities during today’s session. Please have a journal or device available for writing. Today’s activities are personal ones and participants will work privately in their own space, without sharing their work.

Linda Hunter has spent more than 35 joy filled years as an independent writer, published author, and professional event planner. Dedicated to service and open to possibility, she aspires to walk a path of grace. Linda’s passion for life includes a passion for death. She spent 3 ½ years volunteering in a local hospital Palliative Care Unit, is a member of the Victoria Holistic Death Care Community, is the co-visionary behind Deathly Matters, and is grateful to have supported her elders at their end of life.

Linda believes that the final gift we can give someone is to honour their time on earth, to celebrate the life they lived, and to cherish the memory that they leave behind. At Dying With Grace, she provides writing and event planning services to create a memorable farewell that represents that life’s journey.