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Book Launch – Living After Loss
Jun 25 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Book Launch - Living After Loss @ Flourish Victoria (Carolyne Taylor & Associates) | Victoria | British Columbia | Canada

Join author Melanie Phillips for the Victoria launch of her newest Best Selling book, Living After Loss: A Soulful Guide to Freedom.

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Melanie will share inspirational stories, read from her book and there will be an opportunity for discussion and have your questions answered.

“Melanie courageously shares her story of loss, including the unexpected suicide of her partner, her decade long autoimmune condition, a messy divorce from her first husband, and the surrender of innocence as she gave up her power to so-called enlightened spiritual leaders.

Living After Loss guides you through the grief process from the dark nights, to the slow awakening of acceptance; culminating in wisdom and the opportunity to reinvent yourself and live a life of joy, vitality, and peace.

Created for spiritual seekers yearning to free themselves of the suffering that can accompany any sort of loss including; a child leaving home, a parent dying, the loss of a job, your pet dying, a forced move, a diagnosis, or the loss of a dream.”

Learn more about the book here:

The evening book launch event is free and all are welcome. You will be able to purchase Living After Loss at the event for $25 (cash/ cheque only) and have Melanie sign it for you if you like. If you’ve pre-purchased your book online feel free to bring it and have Melanie sign it at the launch.

You will also receive some wonderful bonuses when you attend the launch party:

* a beautifully narrated audio-version of the book “Living After Loss” that you can download and listen to wherever you are.
* the “Living After Loss” workbook that gives you easy access to all the life-transforming exercises in the book!
* the “Living After Loss & Building Resiliency” Masterclass recording

Melanie Phillips (BFA, E-RYT, CAS) is a certified Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist with advanced training under the direction of Dr. Vasant Lad, one of the leading pioneers of Ayurvedic Medicine in North America. Having immersed herself in ashram living and study in India, and having taught since 2000, Melanie’s embodiment of Ayurveda, yoga, and a multitude of energy modalities has earned her excellence in leadership, teaching, and mentorship for those seeking a way home to their intuitive and brilliant nature.

Having walked a real and vivid healing path through chronic illness and extraordinary loss, Melanie embraces the philosophy that we can all reemerge from darkness and remember that we are all “the light” in our own lives.

Melanie’s empathic and sharply intuitive approach helps clients discover the root cause of their dis-eases and empowers them with wisdom and practices to live vital, light-filled, joy-filled lives.

Melanie works out of her practice in Vancouver, British Columbia. She shares her workshops, retreats, and Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Trainings internationally, and also offers remote Ayurvedic Spiritual Coaching and online trainings.

Please register in advance with the form below as seating is limited.

Book Launch - June 25, 2018 - 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Spice Lounge with Glynnis Osher
Jun 27 @ 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Spice Lounge with Glynnis Osher @ Flourish Victoria (Carolyne Taylor & Associates) | Victoria | British Columbia | Canada

The Spice Mistress (Glynnis Osher) will guide you to make and take-home an aromatically delicious Ayurvedic finishing spice blend for the Summer season to adorn your food, PLUS a Spice Essence solid perfume with an infused rose petal carrier oil and one more ‘secret’ and very sultry ingredient.

A sensual experience grinding, chanting, melding and creating aromatic bliss to infuse your Summer with self-love, harmony, energy, play, and joyful action.

We will consult the spice oracle cards and meditate on sowing the seeds of our Summer vision.

Ayurvedic snacks to enjoy and a Spring infusion to sip as you lounge.

Business Circle – Building a Team
Jun 28 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
Business Circle - Building a Team @ Flourish Victoria (Carolyne Taylor & Associates) | Victoria | British Columbia | Canada

yoUnlimited’s May Business Circle’s Featured Speaker is Heidi Sherwood

As your business grows, hiring, engaging and retaining your team becomes a key strategy for success.  From opening the doors to Sapphire Day Spa in 2005 and then adding Sattva Day Spa in 2016, Heidi Sherwood will share with us some ideas for creating a workplace that people feel a part of and love to come to work.

Coffee/Tea, fruit and gluten/dairy free muffins are provided.

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Flore Botanical Alchemy – Botanical Spirit Salon
Jun 29 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

An experience of the senses

A night of sensory exploration through scent & flavour.

Discover communication of the plant spirits through aromatic botanical waters.  An intimate gathering with hydro-souls where we experience their ancestral wisdom.

Then elevate your exploration of FLORE’s natural perfumes with perfectly paired elixirs created with her own Artisan distilled aromatic hydro-souls, wildcrafted botanical infusions & award winning Spirits lovingly provided by our Vancouver Islands Sheringham Distillery.

PLUS!  Each of you will take home perfume samples.

The Sentient Elixir Flight:

In a nod to the olfactory tradition of drinking botanical spirit waters,  delicately crafted 1 oz. drinks are served alongside a sampling of Stacey’s feature perfumes.

This sensual pairing will tell a story unique to each person.

Please note: volatile/essential oils and other scents will be present in this event.

Flight pairings are for 19+ only.

We ask that you not wear synthetic fragranced colognes, hairspray or body products on the evening of event.  Thank you!

We will also have Bronwen from Elate Cosmetics onsite for make up touch ups and product consultations.

Cost – $65/person

Register below to secure your spot.

  • Price: $ 65.00 CAD
  • $ 0.00 CAD

Conversation Circle – How Slow Can You Go
Jul 25 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Conversation Circle - How Slow Can You Go @ Carolyne Taylor & Associates | Victoria | British Columbia | Canada

“Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast, you also miss the sense of where you are going and why”

Eddie Cantor

Please register below to join us to discuss ‘How Slow Can You Go?’

  • A May 2018 UK publication (Life in the Fast Lane) reported that the ‘fast-lane’ approach to living means 61 per cent of adults spend only between 15 and 30 minutes eating their evening meal. One in five admits taking work home to finish over the weekend, while half of all respondents reported feeling stressed at the weekend at least once a month.
  • In the US, in 2016, more than 20% of adults reported eating in their car due to lack of time.
  • Many people routinely report feeling time crunched, stressed, and overwhelmed and doctors are now seeing an alarming increase in stress-related disorders and stress-induced illness.
  • Multi-tasking stimulates internal chaos and fragmented attention and yet continues to be revered – according to a British psychologist, the overall pace of life has increased by 10% worldwide since the mid-90’s and in some places, it has even increased by 20%.
  • In 2016, Singapore was reported to have one of the longest work weeks in the world, and children as young as three were scheduled in back to back enrichment activities.

We invite you into the Circle in July to chat about our ‘fast’ life, and the effect it is having on our relationships, our work, and our wellbeing, in a world that is focused more on doing and less on being.

Let’s discover together, what it might take to ‘slow’ down and ‘unplug’, long enough to reconnect with what we have lost along the way – our creativity, our sense of self, our heath, our connection to nature and to each other.

Arrive with a curious mind and an open heart.

Leave with a better understanding and additional resources to keep the conversation going.

Please register in advance with the form below as seating is limited.  A financial contribution for space rental and tea can be made at the event.  Remaining proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.