JoanKingWhat if there was a simple way to add purpose and energy to everything you do? One scientist may have the answer — and it lies within your own cells.

Dr. Joan King will be visiting Victoria on Nov. 14 to bring her concepts for those looking to increase their professional and personal success, all from within your own body.

King, a scientist, coach, consultant and educator, has authored three books on the topic of “cellular wisdom,” a concept she defines as a code of authentic living. Through her years of extensive research, King has looked to the teachings of the body to learn how to thrive as an individual and in relationships from intimate, to corporate, to planetary.

So how do our bodies model these teachings? Through her workshops and books, King exposes how the mechanisms individual cells utilize to thrive can be applied to our lives. She explains how the interactions among cells, necessary for complex organisms to exist, lead us to understand relationships and their importance in evoking greatness.

“In over 30 years that I worked with cells, it became clear to me that cells have a complicated but consistent energy in their interactions with each other,” King said. “We have new energy coming to us in every moment, and though we can’t see it, the principals are the same.”

King has turned her work into a practical application for people to create success in their business, career or personal life in a way that leaves them energized. It all starts with listening to what’s going on inside your body.

Is your current work serving your future dreams? Can you envision an ideal professional scenario? How do you prioritize the things you do to ensure you’re putting your energy in the right places? These are just a few of the questions people will have a gut reaction to before coming up with logical answers, King says. Her aim is to help clients tap into that inner wisdom, which then becomes the foundation for a concrete plan and series of actions toward attaining those dreams.

“We can always give ourselves logical reasons why we should or shouldn’t do something, but we are just asking the wrong question. Sometimes, the only right thing to do is shut up,” she says. “It’s not easy — we have a lot of chit chat going on in our cortex all the time, but quieting our mind is the best way to hear our true answers.”

While King’s workshop on Nov. 14 is designed for coaches and professionals wanting to up success rates, she says that all can make use of clarifying goals, creating a timeline and identifying steps to take. The techniques aren’t hard; it might be as simple as asking yourself a question every night before bed and listing to the answers that come to you as you wake up; the important step is to listen.

King, now 75, learned her lesson the hard way after two marriages left her feeling as though she was betraying her authentic self. At age 60, and as a lifelong academic, she had to rediscover the woman under her degrees and professional career. It was then that she realized her scientific work with cells may have been masking a deeper message all along.

“I thought, what messages would these cells give to us on how to thrive?” she says, noting the importance and specific function of each cell in the body. “The times I’ve made decisions not aligned with my deepest values are the times when something has gone very wrong … You have to pay attention to your non-negotiable self.”

Attend A Life on Purpose: Wisdom at Work with Dr. Joan King on Thursday, Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 728 Humboldt. Tickets $25-$40 at

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