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CathyKeyCathy is passionate about Yoga and about keeping others motivated in their practice of yoga.  With a  Phd and a background in  ‘games’  along with 13 years of dedicated personal practice, she  understands that sometimes it takes a little extra motivation to get to the studio .  Cathy recognizes that for many, this peaceful and graceful practice can feel more like a sweaty and uncomfortable experience; more like work than  a form of serenity.

But she also knows that for those who make the effort and put in the time, the benefits are huge: flexibility, health, happiness, increased energy, reduced stress, peace of mind.  Cathy wants everyone to experience these benefits and to develop a yoga practice that will support them throughout life.  So, how to stay motivated to show up to the studio, when so many other daily demands are calling us away?

You guessed it, a game; the solution is ‘Hot Lemon’, a mobile application, designed to motivate you to do more yoga.  It works by providing acknowledging your attendance using a series of levels or challenges with an opportunity to win prizes for participation.  The more yoga you do, the more points you achieve and the more sponsored prizes you receive.  This simple and powerful tool provides instant rewards for putting your yoga practice into action, and helps override the challenges of beginning and maintaining a yoga practice.

No more excuses, yoga is waiting, and so is the  ‘Hot Lemon’ app –  waiting for the chance to make it into the world and into the hands of yoga students everywhere.

You can support Cathy in her efforts to support others by helping her get ‘Hot Lemon’ off the mat.

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