A shining push [Cheryl Young]

Cheryl Young has built an empire out of helping people. In the small town up Island, some may know Cheryl better as the woman who launched the Sidney Meet Up Network of Women in Business. But those who know her … Read More

Lightening on Earth [Carmen Spagnola]

It was when Carmen Spagnola was pregnant that she first had a “funny feeling” about her life. At age 27 and engaged to be married, she felt clear that she was meant to have this child. The only trouble was … Read More

The Woman Behind the Words [Kerry Slavens]

Kerry Slavens felt like she was living a fairytale life until 2008 forced her to choose between business and family, and ultimately redefine herself It’s hard to pick up a glossy magazine in Victoria these days without seeing the name … Read More

A Choice for Hope [Ginny Dennehy]

Ginny Dennehy knows about the therapy of writing. The mother of two was handed every parent’s worst nightmare when she lost both of her children — her son to mental illness in 2001, and her daughter to an overseas accident … Read More

Carmen Spagnola – Spiritual Assistance for Discerning Seekers

June 20, 2012 I provide guidance for experienced personal growth explorers who are yearning for clarity around their life purpose or next steps.  I do this through intuitive readings, past life regression, and hypnotherapy. Carmen’s favourite: Restaurant in Victoria:  Brasserie … Read More

The BIG Reveal….liking what you see

These days, there is much talk about being ‘authentic’, true and real.  At the November 5th yoUnlimited Downtown Networking luncheon, three speakers revealed themselves and talked to an oversold crowd about what it takes to find your way; taking risks, … Read More

Alice Bracegirdle – Moving Women

I remember the first time I met Alice Bracegirdle – she had just released her first DVD for Bellyfit and had a vision to empower women through her specialized fusion of dance and fitness.  Skip forward to 2014 (about four … Read More