Sheila Webster – Living Her Genius

Sheila is passionate about exploring and inspiring others.  As an outdoor seeker, she craves discovery through nature and feeds this need with nature.  She admits that she has a crush on trees and loves to explore ideas and possibilities, believing … Read More

Living in Line [Yvonne Thompson]

Yvonne Thompson believes most of us know, instantly, that moment when we are not living in line with their values. But although many of us get good at tuning out our bodies warning shots, you don’t necessarily have to be … Read More

A New Type of Love Story [Kate Northrup]

Six years ago, Kate Northrup was in her early 20s and was more than $20,000 in credit card debt. She knew it was bad, but she didn’t really know how bad — she would stuff all her financial statements into … Read More

All in the Family [Silvia Marcolini]

Victorians who have enjoyed the Italian delicacies of Café Brio might not know the mistress behind the magic, but nearly everyone who has dined there has met one particularly friendly woman with sparkly eyes, frosted hair and a laugh that’s … Read More

Out of the Comfort Zone [Rosie Bitts]

Those who’ve only glimpsed Rosie Bitts twirl her curls and tease a crowd might not realize the local burlesque superstar is as much advocate as she is performer, but anyone who knows a bit about Rosie Bitts knows there’s a … Read More

The Mothering Kind [Carlie Kilduff]

“I had to become my own mother to learn how to love myself.” That’s the lesson Carlie Kilduff had to grasp before she could become the parent and “future agent” she is today. But four years ago, Carlie was feeling … Read More

Linda Hunter, Author and Event Planner

Linda is an event planner and professional writer who is dedicated to service and open to possibility.  The author of “An Unforgettable After-Grad”, she has over 20 years of conference and event planning experience and has successfully produced five unforgettable … Read More

Finding her Groove [Liz Zdunich]

From asbestos and mould to yoga and dance, Liz Zdunich inspires movement. Those who know Liz Zdunich now might find it hard to picture her in a hard hat and steel toed boots, scaling the scaffolding of 16-storey buildings in … Read More