Kate Broste – Women’s Financial Website

Kate is passionate about educating and empowering women to take control of their finances, and in turn, their lives.  Her five years of experience as an alternative investment advisor has shown her that within the general public and especially women, … Read More

Shauna Janz – Community Grief Workshops

In Shauna Janz’ own experience with grief in her life, she discovered that what she needed was an ability to connect in community with others, and means to actively process her grief. Shauna Janz came to understand through her lived … Read More

Cathy Key – Hot Lemon Mobile App

Cathy is passionate about Yoga and about keeping others motivated in their practice of yoga.  With a  Phd and a background in  ‘games’  along with 13 years of dedicated personal practice, she  understands that sometimes it takes a little extra … Read More

Andrea Soos – Women’s Retreat

Andrea is passionate about art education.  She strives to bring playfulness to art making, to encourage students to reach beyond their perceived limitations, shed their self-judgment and connect with their creative wonder.  Through her many years of teaching, the idea … Read More