2016 Unlimited Woman Award Nominees Announced!

unlimited woman awards

These women live a life that is unlimited. They strive daily to create a better world for themselves and those around them. They impact others in a profound way, and we want to recognize them for all that they do. We are so excited to announce the Nominees for the 2016 Unlimited Woman Awards!

Love is Magic. It Multiplies.

Action is The Only Change Agent As much as I try, this holiday season it’s especially difficult to focus on decorated trees, baking cookies or the traditional winter activities I enjoy. This year, my thoughts are spread across the world, with the … Read More

Food as Medicine with Alexandra Pony

Alexandra Pony is a Yoga Therapist/Teacher, Reiki Master, Thai Massage Practitioner & Nutrition Consultant. She is the co-founder of Lifeology and leads nutrition and fermentation workshops along the west coast. She empowers individuals to embrace food as medicine and demonstrates … Read More

Cells Full of Wisdom [Joan King]

What if there was a simple way to add purpose and energy to everything you do? One scientist may have the answer — and it lies within your own cells. Dr. Joan King will be visiting Victoria on Nov. 14 … Read More

Maria Manna, Unlimited Woman of Style

2013 Unlimited Woman of Style Award, in Memory of Bonnie Pollard Maria Manna is the winner of the 2013 Unlimited Woman of Style Award, but if there had been an award for humility she probably would have won that as … Read More

Heather Hamilton – Canine Collection

WINNER – January 2014 Pitch Your Passion  Heather A. Hamilton is a local jewelry artist and a dog lover. She creates works of art in her handcrafted jewelry, and has been successful all over Vancouver Island.  Living her passion to the fullest, … Read More

Heather Loewen – Creating a Cooperative

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014 Heather Loewen is an “activist for positive change and active living” and believes in ‘creating’ and ‘making’, and in supporting those who do just that. She is passionate about helping others dare to dream and … Read More

Thirza Voysey – Chocolate For Your Soul

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Did we have you at ‘chocolate’? Thirza Voysey is passionate about purity and her raw chocolate product is proof of a vision that matches that passion. Creating … Read More

Jannine Murray – The Radiant Self Project

Pitch Your Passion Candidate – October 2014 For Jannine Murray, it’s been quite a journey! While she is now able to stand in her sacred skin and honour her energy and divine self, it wasn’t always so. She has put years … Read More

Kyla Plaxton – Finding Power in Your Period

WINNER – October 2014 Pitch Your Passion In her book, Little Women’s Gide to Personal Power, Kyla Plaxton provides a 12 chapter, step by step guide to empower young women, to look within themselves and to discover their own unique little inner … Read More