Carly Greene Hill and Jen Craig-Evans – Bringing Sensitivity to Yoga

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Written by Linda Hunter
Photos | Jo-Ann Way

The Your Yoga Project hopes to offer the healing benefits of yogal and meditation in the form of trauma-informed yoga classes to those who need it most; to an underserved and at-risk population. Jen Craig-Evans and Carly Greene Hill, are both instructors who were inspired after taking a workshop on therapeutic yoga for trauma and emotional well-being. Having discovered that this type of practice was not more readily available in Victoria, they have set out to develop a platform in the Victoria community for this type of offering. Their intention is create a safe and accessible space where practices can happen, supported by mental health professionals and consultants with expertise in the area of trauma. Their hope is that they can “spark a movement that ensures trauma-sensitive conduct is available and incorporated into yoga studios and teacher trainings throughout their local Victoria community and beyond. Visit Jen’s website | Visit Carly’s website

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