2016 Unlimited Woman Award Nominees Announced!

unlimited woman awards

These women live a life that is unlimited. They strive daily to create a better world for themselves and those around them. They impact others in a profound way, and we want to recognize them for all that they do. We are so excited to announce the Nominees for the 2016 Unlimited Woman Awards!

2016 Nominees

Woman of Adventure

Amy Cooper
Suzanne Heron
Carmen Spagnola

Woman of Awesome Mom

Colleen Adrian
Rebecca Kirstein
Petra MacDougall

Woman of Community

Debra Bartlett
Bonnie Davison
Ally Guevin

Woman of Creativity

Melissa Caron
Rachel Hurst
Janet Rollings Walmsley

Woman of Health & Wellness

Jody Hollis
Caleigh Hunter
Taryn Strong

Woman of Love & Friendship

Tracy Campbell
Colleen Spier
Roxanne Low

Woman of Mentorship & Leadership

Niki Campbell
Jo Dibblee
Mishan Hedge and Kate Bell
Lucy Price

Woman of New Beginnings

Dena Carroll
Alisa Jabs
Penny Stone

Woman of Potential

Lily Cote and Ella Stanger
Maddy Kirstein
Amy MacGarvey

Woman of Style

Carolyn Granewall
Pamela Sylvan
Teresa Lindsay

Woman of Wisdom

Grace Thomas
Flo-Elle Watson

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