Robin Arnold has built her life around one principal — know what you value most.

For Robin, the answer is simple: family and friends.

“We always think we’ll live another day, but who really knows how long we’ve got left in this life?” Robin says. “We have to make this day count. We have to focus on what we love.”

Robin was awarded the 2015 Unlimited Woman of Love and Friendship at the Unlimited Women Awards. The award recognizes a woman who always manages to be there when you need her. She`s available and you know that you are important – you can count on her and she accepts you as you are – warts and all.. For anyone who knows Robin, the nod is no surprise.

“I want my friends to succeed as much as I do,” Robin says. “This is something I learned from my dad and brother. They treated everyone like friends — colleagues, acquaintances, family; there was no difference. Their friends’ successes were their successes.”

This past year, Robin shifted the aim of her Locate Your Soulmate matchmaking company to focus on what she is really passionate about: launching the highly anticipated Love School. The course is a self-paced, online classroom dedicated to sharing soulful strategies for finding true love.

“Love School is based on helping people find their soulmates, but it’s really about prioritizing. The answers are already inside you; you just have to be ready to hear them,” she says. “Whatever you are seeking in your life, you need to focus on that right now. That means getting back to knowing what you value most.”

Robin describes her former self as ambitious and success driven. She always valued her family and friends, yet her business successes spurred her into spending long days and hours dedicated to her career. When she unexpectedly lost her twin brother in the fall of 2012, her world changed. Then, two years later, when her father passed away, she knew it was time to focus on those who needed her most.

“I have to be selective about what I am spending my time doing. Now, I don’t stress about getting 100 things checked off my list — I know my family and friends need me more than the general public.”

Robin developed Love School in an effort to help others discover their desires and see how those desires align with their words and actions. Even though she’s often heard people utter the classic line, “I’ll be happy when…” she says it’s a trap to avoid.

“If your goal is to feel abundant and loved and be filled with joy and fun, you have to live that now. It’s not going to happen when you get that raise, or that new apartment, or that new boyfriend. If you are looking for something or someone else to fill that part of you — bologna.”

Robin says the secret is simple: you have to be it, and do it, in order to have it.

“The best thing I learned from being a matchmaker is that people have to feel empowered to make a real change in their lives,” she says. “You are the only person who can turn it all around for yourself.”


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