“I want to live in a world where no one feels invisible”


yoUnlimited’s purpose has ALWAYS been about bringing people together through thoughtfully created experiences. The goal is that we all connect in a meaningful way. I believe that everyone’s light is meant to shine.

Having taken a break in 2019, and searching my heart for the direction to take things, I’ve determined that it is time to focus more energy on yoUnlimited.

To respond to the world’s current happenings, community and connection is needed more than ever. It’s become super clear that the best way for yoUnlimited to serve community is to move online for the foreseeable future.

I’m refreshing our Business Circles, Conversation Circles and Soul Sessions so that you’ll be able to build lasting and sustainable relationships with humans, those you haven’t met and those that are already friends.

There will be no charges or fees to attend our Business Circles, Conversation Circles or Soul Sessions – if you feel you’d like to make a contribution to something in exchange for our offerings, please make a donation to the Victoria Women’s Transition House, Third Stage Housing, SAFE Program.  We may partner with other individuals to offer workshops for a fee, but there will always be a giving back philanthropic component to the event.

#meetwithpeopleyoulove #beingalonetogether

With care,

Creator | yoUnlimited (est. 2010)