Where U Connect

What is yoUnlimited about?

On the surface yoUnlimited is events, conferences and workshops, but really it’s thoughtfully created experiences where you can learn something new, connect with someone, or hear something that might change your life. yoUnlimited is designed for humans in Victoria, BC who want more connection and community in their life and want to find a place to do this.

The more you engage with yoUnlimted’s offerings, the more like-minded people you’ll connect with – and then you’ll want to bring all your other friends along to introduce them too! You’ll be meeting people you’ll still know 30 years from now – it just works that way!

Best of all you’ll have the experience of being seen and heard by people who get you and care about who you are, and what you’re doing.

We give back to the community in many ways and believe that every individual’s light is meant to shine. Grab your friends and join us today!

Our Offerings

Soul Session

This intimate event features three inspirational women speakers talking about what body, mind and spirit means to them.

Women in the Woods

Once a month we meet and go for a walk/easy hike. This is an opportunity for us to come together and explore Mother Nature, bond and be inspired.

Conversation Circle

When we sit in conversation, we open ourselves up to each other. We offer permission to share thoughtful ideas and opinions which in turn provide possibility; for a shift, an epiphany, a soul stir, or a heart change.